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School Policies

Here you will find a selection of our school policies which you, as a parent, may find useful. School policies are organic documents that reflect and shape the current practice of the school. Therefore, the school Governing Body retains the right for these documents to be reviewed and amended at any time. Do not hesitate to contact the school if you have a policy based query.

Thank you.

Safeguarding Policies
Child Protection Policy
Children Looked After
Overarching Safeguarding Statement
Online Safety Policy and Procedures
Peer on peer Abuse Policy and Procedures
Curriculum Policies
Assessment Policy Educational Visits Policy
English Policy Reading for Pleasure Policy
Teaching and Learning Policy Maths Policy

Behaviour Policies

Code of Conduct for School Staff and Other Adults
Whole School Behaviour Policy and Procedures 
Exclusion Policy

Governor Policies

Structure and Delegation of Responsibilities of the
Governing Board 

General Policies

Admissions Policy
Attendance Policy 
Charging Remissions Policy
Complaints Procedure
Enforcement Policy
Lettings Arrangements
Pupil Privacy Notice

School Uniform Policy

SEN Policy



Home School Agreement

Accessibility Plan

Single Equality Scheme